J & E Industries, Inc. is a family owned and operated machine shop in operation since 1990 located in Jermyn, Pennsylvania, Lackawanna County.  They have been supplying quality product and services to the aerospace, medical and related industries with precision machining services. J & E employs 27 full and part-time non-union employees. The facility is 23000 sq. ft. located within a mile of the Pennsylvania interstate highway system. Their capabilities range from machining to turning various forms of raw material and casting using, CNC Turning Centers, Vertical/Horizontal Machining Centers and Conventional Machining. They also have MIG/TIG Welding capability. Our Quality Control Inspection Department has the ability to inspect using CMM’s (Manual, DCC & Optical), Digital Height Gauges and various hand tools. Calibration certificates are on file for tools requiring calibration.


J & E Industries, Inc. got their start after two brothers decided to put their knowledge to use to build their own company.  Ed Lastauskas’ machining knowledge, and Jeff Lastauskas’ marketing skills led them to including their father, a skilled machinist into the adventure of owning their own business. Each working full time jobs, they would return to a purchased garage each evening to begin the fulfillment of orders.  Ed’s machining knowledge came from a natural ability, schooling and years of experience in this discipline at Weston (Lockheed Martin).  As business grew in 2003, after two expansions and growth in employment from 3 to 19, they purchased their current site in Jermyn, Pennsylvania.  Developing relationships at Weston (Lockheed Martin) helped grow their business.  Jeff’s cold calling efforts in NJ consisted of Xeroxing pages of the New Jersey phone book and hitting the streets.  This grass roots effort landed J & E customers, Farmer Machining, Ampldyne & their longest sustaining customer Ingersoll Rand (Flowserve).  From the proper management of their growing enterprise they were able to attract business from, J A Reinhardt (B/E Aerospace), The Handy Tool Company, Breeze Eastern Tobyhanna Army Depot and other businesses in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maryland and California. Each brother focuses their energies where their strengths are; Jeff with purchasing and customer relationships, Ed with machining and customer orders.